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for did you see that?? cheers guys Are you registered to freenode? dan_____: cool, if you are using gmail, it lets you set a "signature" which can be used in your emails i never used gmail before i just got an email from my bank about an error Saddin: yes, he is so i figured i would ask in here what it was all about dan_____: what error did you get? ubuntu is too hard dan_____: well that is a matter of personal choice not my fault lol dan_____: but the channel is for ubuntu support, not for you to complain i love it i just dont understand it dan_____: we support people with issues what are you talking about? an0nmat1r: that comment about ubuntu being hard well u dont have to understand ubuntu.. it is just u dont have to use it an0nmat1r: you are free to use anything you like, this channel is for support of ubuntu u can use it or not. thats a personal choice.. ok im going to bed. i cant wait until 12.10 to upgrade dan_____: good luck, see you in a few months ThinkT510 are you registered to freenode? Saddin: yes think of it as use or dont use it.. nothing in linux is really hard to use.. ThinkT510 I just registered to freenode just dont confuse yourself :) an0nmat1r: please stop Saddin: cool, no need for that an0nmat1r: its not confusing ThinkT510 i see



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