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Learn the art of Lifecasting from Experts

Hi, We are super excited to announce our first workshop for women's.  We are starting this Workshop after a long discussion, commitments and research. we have put our full effort to bring this come true. make use of this golden opportunity... 

Creating something from what you learn is blissful and Feel excited when you do something to earn, that too from home

makes you more comfortable Right. yes you have landed your destination for learning the art of Lifecasting. 

Keerthi Nagacharan has started lifecasting since 2015 and has extensive experience in making wonderful castings output 

she has registered her company under intellectual property of INDIA. Running her business successfully throughout major cities in INDIA. Join her and start lifecasting business in your city.

  Who can Benefit from this Workshop.

     * House wife who has passion in art.

     * New Born Photographer (Women).

     * Wedding Photographers (Women).

     * Photo Studios (Owned by women).

  What will i Learn from this Workshop.

     * Baby hand and foot casting.

     * Couple hand casting.

     * Handling babies with different moods.

     * Handling Live events (Marriage/ Receptions).

     * Cleaning and Painting techniques.

     * Fixing the casting inside the Frame and Display box.

  What will you take home after the workshop.

     * 1 no Display box with couple casting.

     * 1 no Standard frame with baby casting.

     * Certificate on successful completion of workshop.



     Lifeimpressions will support on supplying the raw materials.

         Yes only for people who have completed the workshop 

     *  Will i get my doubts cleared after the workshop 

         Yes limited ( two weeks )

     *  Can i bring my parents or kid to the workshop?

         No only one registered person is allowed.

     *  What documents required for the workshop?

         Government id proof and passport size photos (Aadhaar card, Driving Lic)

     *  Mobile phones allowed?


     *  Necessary materials for the workshop will be provided by Lifeimpressions?


     *  Will they provide Lunch and Refreshment drink?


     * How much is the GST for workshop?


     * Can i start my own business after completion of workshop.


     * When will i get my certificate.

         Same day after you complete the workshop.


Registration is based on first come first serve.

only 10 seats per batch. 

you can reschedule for next upcoming class if you are not able to attend for the registered class.

*Please note once paid will not be refunded. 

Upcoming Basic workshops

*     29 - Feb - 2020 - Chennai

*     21- March - 2020 - Chennai

*     18 - April - 2020 - Chennai

Upcoming Advance workshops

*     28- March - 2020 - Chennai

*     25 - April - 2020 - Chennai

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